About Steve

Welcome to my website www.racingpix.im, a collection of my photographs from Motor Sport events on the Isle of Man and further afield.

Born and brought up in the Isle of Man, a few hundred yards from the TT course it was inevitable that I got hooked on watching motor sport and in particular the TT. Memories of a childhood following the practices (including morning practices - remember them ??) and races with my father, a policeman at a time when the police stood with the marshals and took an active part in the event at trackside.


As soon as I was old enough I signed up to marshal and spent 15 years or more marshalling, usually at Greeba Bridge.


In 2006 with notice of redundancy looming I wanted to enhance my IT skills and set about how to build a website, learning basic html and css skills along the way. A subject for my website was required and Motor Sport was an obvious choice. A DSLR camera followed and the site was created.


Since then I have covered the local racing scene, Andreas Racing, Southern 100, Manx Grand Prix and of course the Isle of Man TT. I have also covered a few rounds of British Superbikes over the last few years.


My site has been re-written on numerous occasions as new skills have been learnt but with the amount of images to contend with and balancing this against work and family life I have decided to opt for a packaged photo gallery software to make the uploading/ordering process easier and make the whole site more enjoyable to work on.